* Suddenly you get fired from your job; they can have their job, #but let no man take your joy.

* The relationship you cherish had suddenly gone sour. He can walk away but not with your joy. And #let no man take your joy.

* Your electricity cable have been disconnected because you are owing. They can have their electricity power, but not the light of your life. Therefore, #let no man take your joy.

* Your marriage failed and not your life. Move on with life, and #let no man take your joy away from you.

* The examination result has just been released and you had a poor performance. There is yet, opportunity for a more intelligent attempt, and so, #let no man or take your joy.

* Its five years after marriage and the kids are not forthcoming. Remember Hannah, Sarah & Elizabeth? #Your joy let no man take.

* The Landlord is threatening eviction. The rent payment is overdue and chances of raising fund is zero. You have overcome difficult situations before and this shall be like one of them, therefore #let no man take your joy.

* You don’t know how or where the next meal would come from? The birds of the air do not toil as mankind do, yet they’ve never gone to bed hungry. Relax, and #let no man take your joy.

* “Husband is scarce”, so they say. For every Adam, there is an Eve. While you wait in faith for your partner, seize the moment and #let no man take your joy.

* This sickness is not unto death regardless of the doctor’s verdict. Man has spoken but not God! I say, #let no man take your joy.

Your joy is the source of your strength, courage, determination and ability to keep moving on in spite of temporal setback or defeat. Therefore, #let no man take your joy.



Lost item miraculously found

My little daughter complained that her phone had been stolen. I quickly responded that it was not possible for her phone to be stolen. People around were wondering why I spoke the way I did knowing fully well that we live amongst small gangs of criminal minds that are looking for opportunities to steal. I acted the way I did because i remembered the Shunammite woman who refused to declare her son dead despite very clear evidences that the body had become cold and lifeless. And which the son was  later raised back to life because of her faith.
As days passed by I would ask if my daughter had found the phone and if the reply was negative, I would respond by saying, “very soon the phone would be found”. About about more than a week later, my sister told me that the phone that was lost had been found. Indeed there is power available in our tongue.
What we declare with our words is what we’d see or experience in our day to day activities. the book of proverbs 6:2 declares, ” We are trapped by what we say….”canstock25360014

This revelations might shock you.

Could it be that there is really power in our
Do our words have power to become a reality
in our lives or are they just a mere
coincidence to a resemblance of what we had
beforehand spoken? These and many more
keeps begging for answers on this subject.
Below are a list of several events with real
people concerned; they spoke words before it
became a physical reality.

Ex wife of Michael Jackson,Lisa Presley recalled
a conversation he had with the pop star several
years before he died. After he was told the
circumstances of her father’s death (Elvis
Presley), MJ had replied “I am afraid I am
going to end up like him, the way he did.” It
happend just as he had spoken.
he-would-die-like-Elvis-Presley.html )

In an interview with Withney Houston on the
death of Michael Jackson, hear her words
regarding her fate …”I was getting scared,”
she admitted. “I was looking at myself going,
‘No, I don’t want this to be like this . this can’t
happen. Not both of us.'” (https://www.yahoo.com/music/bp/whitney-houston-
chilling-comments-michaeljackson-185049984.html ).
I read an article online about a guy who had
just lost a very close friend. In his tribute to
his friend, here is what he wrote…”…Rest on
hommie, we shal come. WE will COME.” Few days later he was found dead.

I still ask, could all this be a mere co-
incidence or that indeed our words have power
as the bible rightly declares. Read more
shocking discoveries…

In 2013, Mrs Jane while celebrating the
father’s birthday at age 100 shared with a
church congregation, tales on how the father
used to tell them when they where kids, that he’ll be so old such that people would be coming around to see a very old man just the way people visit the zoo. The man is still alive
till date and very old.

A pastor shared a testimony of how his car
broke down in the middle of a deserted road,
at about 12am. His family was in the car with
him. The wife was already panicking. When he
realised it was a battery problem, he said to
the wife, confidently and in faith, “someone
would come here with a battery and help us out”. Few minutes later, they saw a baba
(elderly man) coming out from ‘only God
knows where’ with a battery on his right
shoulder and asked why they were stuck on the
road at a dangerous time of the night. He
helped start the car with his battery and left
instantly! Another co-incindence?

In 2006, I had a friend, Niyi who would always
say, he envied the dead coz they don’t have any problem to worry about. Few years later, he started having nightmares of death. He would often see himself by the graveyard in the dream. He cried seriously to God in prayer for deliverance. He told me that he heard a whisper in his heart one day telling him to change his confessions of death to life if he really wants to experience old age. He repented of those negative talks about envying the dead and started speaking life. this is 4th year since the nightmares ceased.

The Holy bible declared in Proverbs 18:21,
“death and Life is in the power of the
tongue….”. Our words have power in them; we
can talk our lives into progress, prosperity or a
good life or we can talk our selves into death,
sickness, dangers or misfortune. The choice is

Kindly share an experience here with us on
this. subject of ‘Power in the words we speak.’

Talking Your Way to Success.


The problems or obstacles to success begin with words.

Say the wrong thing and clients head for the door.

Relationships blow up. Production declines. Tensions escalate.

Employees lose motivation. All these happens because of the wrong use of words in our quest for success.

Words are the most powerful tool of leadership. Words
are also the most powerful tool in the pursuit of life and success.

The secret successful people and real leaders know is every word matters.

Wise words create. Foolish words destroy.


The power of words to create is only exceeded by their power to destroy. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you, is an evil lie.

Negative words are 5x stronger than good .
Think of a creative word as one stick of dynamite and
destructive word as five sticks of dynamite.

The power of success and failure is in the tongue. The life you hate was created by the words you spoke, either to yourself or others.

Everything successful people or leaders do begins with words.

Rules to observe when talking:

1. When in doubt, stop talking.

2. Death wins when you talk carelessly: It is easier to
kill with words than give life. A friend of mine asked some clients, “What’s the most encouraging conversation you’ve had with a boss?” One person had to go back 16 years to think
of one.

3. Speak purposefully: Know why you are talking
before you talk. A few foolish words cause a world of trouble, heart-ache, and pain.

4. Correct sparingly: Every time you say, “I meant no harm,” you caused harm.

5. Affirm persistently: silly affirmations do less damage than silly corrections.

6. Listen more: Trouble awaits when you use your mouth more than your ears.

7. Think out loud in small groups.

8. People who love to talk have more problems than those who don’t.

Believe in the power of your words. Words make or break.

Why you need to listen to yourself.



The words you are constantly exposed to or speak determines the spiritual atmosphere that will hang around your life because words are spirit being.
Jesus says “the WORDS that I speak are SPIRIT…”
The words you constantly speak, you’d attract the spirit behind the word.


A friend told me an experience he had some years back. He was going through some challenges that lasted for years, and while he was in that challenge that looked impossible to overcome, he began wishing and confessing that he’d prefer to die. This went on for years and he was always confessing that he just want die to escape the problems he was into. As he was confessing death, the spirit of death went to work.
Years later, after the storm had ceased, he observed he always find himself in the graveyard in the dream. This nightmare lasted for about two years, and as he fasted and prayed about it; asking God to extend his life span, the Holy spirit reminded him of his confessions in the past. He repented, got relevant scripture that speaks of long life and began meditating and confessing them. Not long the nightmare ceased! Today, he goes about telling people who cared to listen, to be cautious of what they say with their mouth.

Also, take note of the sounds you listen to, they could be entry points to unclean spirits or the Holy Spirit of God.
Prophet Ezekiel said, “as he SPOKE to me the SPIRIT entered me.”

Perhaps its time you give priority attention to what you say, the books you read and what manner of sound you listen to.

#1000 facts you didn’t know about words.

The power of the spoken word.

060615-thepowerofthespokenwordSEEDS OF GREATNESS
The Power Of The Spoken Word
Calling Things That Are Not As Though They Were
Years ago I was a carpenter. I did a lot of house
framing and apartment work. I had a boss and
friend of mine that needed my help in San Antonio
Texas. So, I went to help him. He had apartments
there that needed roofing work done. The shingles
needed replacing. I found out they were large
My brother and I went there to do them for him.
Our boss went and got air guns for us to nail the
shingles with. We were to start the next day. So,
that evening we prepared for the next day of hard
Later that evening, he came in upset and said to
my brother and me, “Man, someone just came and
stole the air guns out of my truck that I rented for
the job tomorrow. He went on to say, I don’t know
what we will do…
Well, my faith self, rose up in me to declare, “Call
things that are not as though they were,” and I
did! I said, standing right in front of my boss and
brother inside our room in a bold declaration of
faith believing…
I prayed, In the name of Jesus, “I command those
air guns to be returned back where they took them
from. And I command that the men that took them
be saved and born again.”
To make a long story short. When we got up the
next morning, my boss went outside and came
running back in saying, “The air guns are back in
my truck,” with a big smile on his face!” We gave
the Lord the glory and went to work. True story.
I could tell you many stories like that about the
spoken word of God in my life. And here’s why.
Since I got born again, I have always been this
way. I guess it started off right for me in my early
faith days. I got born again and spirit-filled in Little
Rock Arkansas, at Agape Church, under the
leadership Pastor Happy Caldwell.
Ministers would come and speak every year at our
Camp Meeting each year, people like Charles Capps
and Dr. Lester Sumrall. As for Dr. Sumrall, after he
would speak, I would be just undone with the
words that he would speak. He and others came all
the time.
So, the story above was after many years at my
previous church with great men of God telling
stories of great men of faith. I heard over and
over, stories like when Smith Wigglesworth would
pass through cities, drunk men would fall off their
bar stools in repentance from the presence of
Dr. Lester Sumrall would often speak of his
experience and relationship with the great Smith
Wigglesworth. So, after sitting under my pastor’s
teaching and hearing the stories of the great men,
my faith grew.
Regulars and my favorites were James Robinson,
R.W. Schambach, Jerry Savelle and many more.
These great men and women of God made sure
with their spoken words that we started off right. I
count precious those days spent growing up in the
faith. With that in mind, I turn to you. Maybe you
received a similar childhood in the faith or
perhaps you’re just starting out. Either way, let me
ask you a question?

Speaking Confessions Of Faith
When you speak, do you speak in faith? Or do you
just say whatever comes to mind? You do know
that you’ll receive whatever you speak. We were all
created in God’s image, basically, we are just like
him. We have been given power within ourselves to
speak things forth. So the question really is, what
are you speaking? Do you know that there is life
and death in the power of the tongue? God
created humanity with a spirit, soul and a body.
Our spirit man will live forever so it is very
important what we speak. Because what we speak
can live forever too, life or death. For example,
you can say, my grandson will live and proclaim
the word of God. And it will be. You can say
negatively, “Well, she haven’t done anything right
and she never will.” And in the same way, it will
be, if not for the grace of God intervening in the

Making Declarations Of Faith
Are you sick, and do you need a healing? What are
you saying? Are you calling things as they are and
appear to be in the natural, and not speaking the
word of faith? Or, are you in lack and in need of
provision? You can speak words of faith and see
provision come forth. Are you speaking the word
of God over the situation and declaring words of
Jesus said, all you need is a tiny mustard seed of
faith, and you can say to the mountain move, get
out of the way, and it shall obey you. —Matthew
17:20 Have you ever thought about it can work in
the opposite direction too, in unbelief. If you
don’t speak, it won’t happen. And if you speak in
unbelief, you will receive the results of unbelief.
Living Creative Words
The word of God says God said in the beginning,
“Let there be light,” and there was light. Genesis
1:3 We are made in God’s image and we have been
given that creative force to create with confessions
of faith. Do you believe it? Here’s a good example
of Jesus speaking and using his faith and spoken
Seeing a lone fig tree by the road, He came to it
and found nothing on it except leaves only; and
He said to it, “No longer shall there ever be any
fruit from you.” And at once the fig tree withered.
Seeing this, the disciples were amazed and asked,
“How did the fig tree wither all at once?”
And Jesus answered and said to them, “Truly I say
to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you
will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but
even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and
cast into the sea,’ it will happen. —Matthew 21:20
So now, we must come to a conclusion in our faith
and confession. Since we know now that we have
this creative power of faith within our earthen
vessels. We must decide that we will use the
guidelines, the word of God offers. We should use
this creative power of God that’s in our lives

I am afraid that some of us, as Christians, will
stand fearful and ashamed when we stand before a
mighty God because of our lack of using the great
faith power that resides in each of us. In that case,
what will we say when he asks us what did we do
with his delegated authority and power that was
given to us?
We will see clearly that we were not only given
spoken power to change our lives and the lives of
others but create universes and out of fear and
unbelief we held back. I’m going to make sure that
doesn’t happen to me or my readers. What about

Speak To The Mountain!
So the next time you find yourself in lack or
difficult circumstance, let that word of faith rise up
within you and make a declaration of faith that will
see you through. Tell that mountain, in the name
of Jesus, to be plucked up and cast into the sea,
and it shall obey you. Don’t be afraid, put God’s
word to the test and you will see. It will surely
come to pass.
Believing in faith,

Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.
culled from nasaministries.com

The Power of I AM

What follows these two simple words,  “I AM” will determine what kind of life you’ll live; “I am blessed”, ” I am strong” or “I am slow”, “I am unattractive”, “I am a terrible mother.”

The “I am” that is coming out of Your mouth will bring SUCCESS or FAILURE.  All thru the day, the power of I am is at work: when we make a mistake, “I am so clumsy”, we look in the mirror…”I am so old”, when see somebody so talented, “I am so average.”

Many times we use the power of ‘I am’ against us. We don’t realise how its affecting our future. Here is the principle,  what follows the ‘I am’ will always come looking for you. When you say, “I am clumsy”, clumsiness comes looking for you. “I am so old”, wrinkles comes looking for you. “I am so over weight”, calories comes looking for you. It’s just like you are inviting them. Whatever you follow the ‘I am’ with, you are handling an invitation; opening new doors, giving it a permission to be in your life. The good news is, you’ve got to choose what follows the I am.

When you go thru the day saying, “I am blessed”, blessings come looking for you. “I am talented”, talents comes looking for you.

Quit inviting lack, failure,sickness and disease into your life by your words.

Its the dawn of a new day, get up and send out some new invitations.


Joel Osteen.652_Joel_Osteen

From sermon; “THE POWER OF I AM”

How to defeat fear.

stock-photo-horror-scene-of-a-woman-crawling-in-the-woods-away-from-a-hooded-man-with-an-axe-121534195On 24-05-2015, I had a dream. I saw a very close friend accompany her friend to an unknown destination. They travelled a lonely bush path to the place my friend discovered later to be a ritual’s den. While some scary looking men came out of the bush to grab her, she managed to escape and they ran after her. She kept shouting while running, saying loudly, “the God that kept watch over my life from my mother’s womb will not forsake me”. She ran till she got to the bank of the river where there was no means of escape. When the men rushed to grab her, she repeatly, kept saying loudly, “the God that kept watch over my life when I was conceived in the womb  till date will not forsake me”. Just then, I saw a Crocodile rush out from the river and ate up the ritual killers.

The lady got saved by her words because she kept confessing God’s supernatural protection in the face of death. She wasn’t going to confess her present situation but chose to declare what she really needed to see happen to her, and God heard her and sent the crocodile to eat up the ritual killers.

If the lady had voiced her fears she would have ended up been another  victim of ritual killers. But she rather voiced out her faith.

The ‘ritual killers’ running after us will be devoured by a crocodile sent by God if only we can confess God’s goodness instead of  our worst fears.

Before you say another word..

God called forth things that does not exist into realities by speaking them. It means, words bring things that exists in the mind  or in the jesus-and-the-fig-tree-GoodSalt-epcas0342 spiritual into physical realities.

We say a lot of stuffs we don’t really mean, and lot of times this things comes back to us as an experience unknown to us. I heard the story  of a man that had a sick daughter and each time when asked about the daughter, he would reply by saying “I would give an arm and leg to see my daughter well again”.  A day before a cure was found for the daughter, he had an accident and lost his arm and legs.

Instead of calling out negative thought into being,  I rather advice we discipline our selves to speak always things we love to see happen in our lives and loved ones. Never say, “I feel like dying..”, or “you make me sick”,  they will surely come alive some day.  But when you say, “am blessed”,  ” I am healthy and sound”, you’ll begin to experience health and vitality.