Words are powerful!

The words we speak are not mere letters crafted together by the speaker. Words are not just a medium of communication, they are much more than that.

Do you know that words are spiritual entities? Words are spirits and they are alive and powerful.

Words are the medium by which you communicate with unseen forces or the spirit world. That is why you find all religion and cult group carry out spiritual activities by words.

Soothing and encouraging words can bring healing to a sick person, likewise negative words can cause hurts, pains and sickness.

You ccommunicate with your job, finances, health etc, often and they respond back the words you spoke out. If your words are positive, you’ll experience happiness and success always and if you are the type that’s always giving in to negativities, the result will Joseph-angelyield pains,  aches and frustrations.

Words are really powerful!


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