The Power of I AM

What follows these two simple words,  “I AM” will determine what kind of life you’ll live; “I am blessed”, ” I am strong” or “I am slow”, “I am unattractive”, “I am a terrible mother.”

The “I am” that is coming out of Your mouth will bring SUCCESS or FAILURE.  All thru the day, the power of I am is at work: when we make a mistake, “I am so clumsy”, we look in the mirror…”I am so old”, when see somebody so talented, “I am so average.”

Many times we use the power of ‘I am’ against us. We don’t realise how its affecting our future. Here is the principle,  what follows the ‘I am’ will always come looking for you. When you say, “I am clumsy”, clumsiness comes looking for you. “I am so old”, wrinkles comes looking for you. “I am so over weight”, calories comes looking for you. It’s just like you are inviting them. Whatever you follow the ‘I am’ with, you are handling an invitation; opening new doors, giving it a permission to be in your life. The good news is, you’ve got to choose what follows the I am.

When you go thru the day saying, “I am blessed”, blessings come looking for you. “I am talented”, talents comes looking for you.

Quit inviting lack, failure,sickness and disease into your life by your words.

Its the dawn of a new day, get up and send out some new invitations.


Joel Osteen.652_Joel_Osteen

From sermon; “THE POWER OF I AM”


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