Why you need to listen to yourself.



The words you are constantly exposed to or speak determines the spiritual atmosphere that will hang around your life because words are spirit being.
Jesus says “the WORDS that I speak are SPIRIT…”
The words you constantly speak, you’d attract the spirit behind the word.


A friend told me an experience he had some years back. He was going through some challenges that lasted for years, and while he was in that challenge that looked impossible to overcome, he began wishing and confessing that he’d prefer to die. This went on for years and he was always confessing that he just want die to escape the problems he was into. As he was confessing death, the spirit of death went to work.
Years later, after the storm had ceased, he observed he always find himself in the graveyard in the dream. This nightmare lasted for about two years, and as he fasted and prayed about it; asking God to extend his life span, the Holy spirit reminded him of his confessions in the past. He repented, got relevant scripture that speaks of long life and began meditating and confessing them. Not long the nightmare ceased! Today, he goes about telling people who cared to listen, to be cautious of what they say with their mouth.

Also, take note of the sounds you listen to, they could be entry points to unclean spirits or the Holy Spirit of God.
Prophet Ezekiel said, “as he SPOKE to me the SPIRIT entered me.”

Perhaps its time you give priority attention to what you say, the books you read and what manner of sound you listen to.

#1000 facts you didn’t know about words.