This revelations might shock you.

Could it be that there is really power in our
Do our words have power to become a reality
in our lives or are they just a mere
coincidence to a resemblance of what we had
beforehand spoken? These and many more
keeps begging for answers on this subject.
Below are a list of several events with real
people concerned; they spoke words before it
became a physical reality.

Ex wife of Michael Jackson,Lisa Presley recalled
a conversation he had with the pop star several
years before he died. After he was told the
circumstances of her father’s death (Elvis
Presley), MJ had replied “I am afraid I am
going to end up like him, the way he did.” It
happend just as he had spoken.
he-would-die-like-Elvis-Presley.html )

In an interview with Withney Houston on the
death of Michael Jackson, hear her words
regarding her fate …”I was getting scared,”
she admitted. “I was looking at myself going,
‘No, I don’t want this to be like this . this can’t
happen. Not both of us.'” (
chilling-comments-michaeljackson-185049984.html ).
I read an article online about a guy who had
just lost a very close friend. In his tribute to
his friend, here is what he wrote…”…Rest on
hommie, we shal come. WE will COME.” Few days later he was found dead.

I still ask, could all this be a mere co-
incidence or that indeed our words have power
as the bible rightly declares. Read more
shocking discoveries…

In 2013, Mrs Jane while celebrating the
father’s birthday at age 100 shared with a
church congregation, tales on how the father
used to tell them when they where kids, that he’ll be so old such that people would be coming around to see a very old man just the way people visit the zoo. The man is still alive
till date and very old.

A pastor shared a testimony of how his car
broke down in the middle of a deserted road,
at about 12am. His family was in the car with
him. The wife was already panicking. When he
realised it was a battery problem, he said to
the wife, confidently and in faith, “someone
would come here with a battery and help us out”. Few minutes later, they saw a baba
(elderly man) coming out from ‘only God
knows where’ with a battery on his right
shoulder and asked why they were stuck on the
road at a dangerous time of the night. He
helped start the car with his battery and left
instantly! Another co-incindence?

In 2006, I had a friend, Niyi who would always
say, he envied the dead coz they don’t have any problem to worry about. Few years later, he started having nightmares of death. He would often see himself by the graveyard in the dream. He cried seriously to God in prayer for deliverance. He told me that he heard a whisper in his heart one day telling him to change his confessions of death to life if he really wants to experience old age. He repented of those negative talks about envying the dead and started speaking life. this is 4th year since the nightmares ceased.

The Holy bible declared in Proverbs 18:21,
“death and Life is in the power of the
tongue….”. Our words have power in them; we
can talk our lives into progress, prosperity or a
good life or we can talk our selves into death,
sickness, dangers or misfortune. The choice is

Kindly share an experience here with us on
this. subject of ‘Power in the words we speak.’


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