Lost item miraculously found

My little daughter complained that her phone had been stolen. I quickly responded that it was not possible for her phone to be stolen. People around were wondering why I spoke the way I did knowing fully well that we live amongst small gangs of criminal minds that are looking for opportunities to steal. I acted the way I did because i remembered the Shunammite woman who refused to declare her son dead despite very clear evidences that the body had become cold and lifeless. And which the son was  later raised back to life because of her faith.
As days passed by I would ask if my daughter had found the phone and if the reply was negative, I would respond by saying, “very soon the phone would be found”. About about more than a week later, my sister told me that the phone that was lost had been found. Indeed there is power available in our tongue.
What we declare with our words is what we’d see or experience in our day to day activities. the book of proverbs 6:2 declares, ” We are trapped by what we say….”canstock25360014


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